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This website is a brief marketing manual.  If you want to break through today's media clutter, to create a strong impression, and to turn that impression into a positive action, you are in the right place.

IMPORTANT:  This site dates back to the mid-90s.  
 It may look old, however the information within is still very useful.   The facts about Cable-TV advertising didn't change too much.  Producing a business-related documentary entails the same steps - even if today you share it on DVDs instead of videotapes.  We will update the details in the near future. Thank you.
In the next few minutes you can learn the basics of combining Television with the Internet. These are the most effective marketing weapons of our time.  Television gives you powerful impact, while the Internet provides detailed information and interactivity.  You'll also learn about alternative media, and about new ways to use "old media weapons".
This manual is for new clients of Special Interest Television.  Its purpose is to offer basic information prior to our first consultation meeting.  This will allow us to skip the preliminaries and to focus from the start on your unique priorities.
Thank you!
Disclaimer: This on-line manual is for general documentation only.  It does not include information that can be interpreted as binding business terms.  Only terms present in written agreements are valid. 
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