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The first step is to have a list with powerful, preferably unique benefits for your clients.  Any advantage that you can think of - please write it down, or tell us about it.  From a list of logical features, we'll choose together the best ones and we'll make our point.  

The other important factor is the "emotional packaging" - because most buying decisions are based on emotion.  In a marketing class at UCLA, where I was a student, we were asked why the audio CD became such a successful product, virtually replacing the vinyl records in less than two years.  We all came up with logical answers - random access, great fidelity, etc.  Nobody gave the correct answer: "because it was a sexy product".  

You can define media as "anything that carries information about your business".  It doesn't only meant TV, radio, or Internet.  It includes packaging, stationery, the way a commercial or office space looks - plus the social presence of the business, or the look and fill of its products.  Sometimes even the smell!  

If everything depended only on logic, all you'd need is someone just showing up in front of the camera and read from a list.  Some TV commercials are still done that way.  Compare the following two examples:  

This is incredible, but real: in my city there's a podiatrist who shows himself on TV operating on someone's toe!  An off-screen voice delivers a blurb, while the patient's toe, split in two, is magnified across the screen!!!  Ouch!  Those poor viewers who are just having dinner!  

The other case: an award winning cinematographer sends me a demo reel with a few segments.  The first subject listed on the cover is called "Dental Implants".  I asked myself why would someone choose such a subject for a demo.  Well, it turned out that there wasn't a single tooth shown on that segment.  Only beautiful looking people having fun at the beach, or riding horses, or enjoying parties... while the sound track talks only about THE FREEDOM OF KNOWING THAT YOU LOOK SO GOOD.  

So you see the difference.   

Finally, the third element (after logical motivation and emotional language) is a powerful call to action.  What exactly do you want the people to do after seeing your message?  Immediate actions work better - "call us now" vs. "remember to visit us tomorrow".  Some large companies can afford to run commercials just to maintain their image - but usually a marketing message needs to be justified by a response action.  

The logic is, for the human mind, like the top of an iceberg - there's a lot more iceberg under the surface.  Of course, we don't recommend purely artistic/emotional approaches.  The logic of the message has its role.  (At least it helps people justify their emotions  - to themselves.)   

So the "emotional packaging" is very important, even for messages that are logically "rock solid".  

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