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In a nutshell - we'll try to give you access to any media in the simplest and most efficient way.  Your success always comes first.  

Often we have to convince our clients to skip expensive options when their goals can be met for less money.  

We don't do that out of generosity.  Since we are looking only for long term business relationships, we have an interest in keeping you happy - with a growing business. 

On the other hand, we do select our clients very carefully.  Every potential account is treated like an investment. 

For details, please click the red tabs on the "Business Aspects" page. 

Thank you!!! 

Disclaimers: This on-line manual is for general documentation only.  It does not include any information that can be interpreted as binding business terms.  Only terms present in written agreements are valid.   © Special Interest Television -  Not for public distribution.