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If someone gives you a totally stupid book, you probably won't read it.  What if the book has cute animations and titles that execute somersaults and flipflops on paper? Would that make you read it? 

Every time when a new media technology emerges, most people don't see the forest because of the trees.   The same happened a few years back with the videotape, then with the interactive CD-ROM.   Fresh out of the woodwork, new companies started to produce tons of junk, believing that the technology would compensate for lack of message values.  "Techno-communicators" may even be successful for a short time.  But once the new technology matures, the hype disappears, and the curiosity vanishes, they're out of business.  Just like most producers in the early days of motion pictures. 

The Internet is becoming, fast, a mature medium.  Many people already take it for granted, forgetting that it landed among us just recently, straight from the realm of science fiction.  Communication at its best!  No paper.  Instant updates for people across the street or across the world.  Powerful links that will back up anything you have to say.  Virtually no distribution cost.  Soon to come - a zillion channels with full motion video.  The list of fantastic features could go on forever. 

But you still need powerful incentives to make people turn on their computers, log on, and go DIRECTLY to YOUR website.  They won't do that just to see some junk advertising!  The main incentive can be a particular convenience, some important information, entertainment value, etc.  Above all - your audiences must KNOW that your website exists, and that it offers something truly meaningful for them.  Follow us to find out more. 

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