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Amusing, isn't it?
Back in the 50's, a "witch hunt" started against marketers who used "subliminal messages".  At one point, the FCC came up with a regulation forbidding film or TV ads displayed for a fraction of a second - to reach the viewers at a "subconscious level".  
Isn't it funny that today most advertisements are, in fact, subliminal?  Even if they are not "flashed", they rarely "register" above the subconscious level.  The average person is bombarded by 2,700 messages every day.  If you don't want a "subliminal" ad, call us!  

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"Old weapons" are those that were created in the Industrial Age, between the times of the steam locomotive and the B-52.  Today's so-called "Information Age" offers a good parallel between military arsenals and marketing tools.  It's the time of "smart weapons", able to hit a key target with efficient accuracy, and of "micromarketing" -  which does the same thing to select slices of civilian population.  This "new era" took off in the mid 80's, with the advent of stealth bombers, word processors, and copy centers at every corner.    

Although we specialize mostly in "Smart Weapons" of marketing, we learned from our military colleagues that old weapons still have some meaningful roles.  After all, they still use the B-52 once in a while.  

Just two examples:  

1.  The metropolitan newspaper.   A veritable steam locomotive!  Expensive, and rather inefficient.  It spreads messages over large areas.  It doesn't offer pinpoint accuracy in targeting - geographically, or socially.  Because it has so many pages, every ad is seen by a very small fraction of the readership.  However, it is a very good match for large companies with more than 5-8 locations in a metro area, who can afford at least one page per week, and who can make that page easy to recognize.  The best example is "Fry's Electronics".  If you read the papers, you know what we are talking about.  Why would they bother with other marketing channels?  Their strategy is wonderfully simple.  Would it apply to your business situation?  Let us know - we may be able to help.   

[Note: also keep in mind that some metro area newspapers became much smarter.  They now offer specialized editions with inserts of strictly local gazettes.  For example, the Glendale News Press is an insert of L.A. Times in Glendale.  "Glendalians" who never bothered before with their city paper now read it, along with the Times.  The advertising space in these smaller inserts is much more affordable.  Also, don't forget La Opinion and other foreign language editions that may soon follow].  

2.  The direct mail campaign.  Although it is an expensive "old weapon", direct mail also has the flexibility of narrow targeting.  If you sell expensive items that justify a price tag close to $1 per recipient, even at 1% response rate, go for it!  For example, we know a supplier of mailing labels with NEW HOME OWNERS, by zip code.  Their lists are compiled from recent official records - therefore extremely accurate.  Obviously, for someone who builds swimming pools or sells expensive appliances, new homeowners represent the hottest market - and there's no better way to reach them If direct mail is a viable tool for you, and you want a powerful message, call us.  On such projects we work with an outstanding bulk mail company, which will help you cut a lot of expensive and time- consuming corners.