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Many business need detailed visual presentations.  Others can market their expertise as a media product. 

The best solution is a videotape.  It costs a lot less than publishing a color catalog or a book.  It can be done much quicker.   

Video can also be published on CD, DVD, or even on the Internet.  It's your choice.  Unless you need interactivity, a garden-variety VHS is most convenient for the user.   

For businesses that have a less visual subject, an audiocassette is the right alternative.  (See the "Audio" tab on your right). 

Both video and audio tapes can be ordered in small quantities, as needed.  For a book or even a color brochure, you need to order maybe five thousand copies to justify an expensive setup.  With tapes, any quantity over fifty becomes reasonably priced. 

Also, when you need to change your presentation, you update your Master tape very easily.  A printed volume doesn't offer the same flexibility.  Once created, video products can be re-edited, and often combined, for different purposes. 

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