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The link below till take you to a different website, describing a truly unique promotional product.  It's a simple hand-held viewer that allows you to see images with depth on the Internet!  You can add stereo images to your website without even changing the layout. 

For those businesses that can benefit from using a visual gadget, the 3-D viewer has some great advantages:

  • Low cost ($1-$3, depending on quantity).
  • Adds a valuable feature to any computer - the ability to see true 3-D
  • Fits in a standard envelope / easy shipping
  • It can be kept attached to the user's monitor - becoming your "permanent banner"
  • It is a great piece of conversation - friends will ask "where can I get one of these?"
  • Nobody else offers a similar promo product - (it's not "another free calendar"!)
For details about 3-Dimensional imaging, please click .  
The text files on the 3-D website are printable as well.
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