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TRADE ADVERTISING (continued)   

On the previous page we showed why association newsletters are the best at reaching professional groups.   

Besides access to inexpensive ad space, you don't have to spend a lot on creating the display ad.  Usually the association newsletters are only black and white.  That's OK, because their readers are used to a more frugal aspect.  So you don't need to worry about color separation and other expensive issues.  (Your website address should be part of your ad, and on the Internet the color is free anyway).     

Still - if color is an important feature of your products, many trade newsletters will allow you to insert your own fliers.  The insertion is not expensive - usually the same price as a full page rate.  However, in that case you need to bring your own printed fliers.  Before you make a decision, find out how many copies you would need.  Full color copies may end up costing one dollar each, especially if you use two color pages back to back.    

Consider running a "classified" ad as well on the same publication.  It's very cheap.  This way you'll reinforce the display advertisement.  Many people automatically scan over large display ads, moving rapidly to the next page.  However, bargain hunters always read the classifieds in their trade publication - while other readers just want to see what their colleagues have to offer, and for how much.  

We always ask, on behalf of our clients, what other marketing opportunities are offered by the trade association.  The first question is a bit of a bluff: "While you run our newsletter ad, you don't mind adding a banner to your website, do you?"  They may do that free of charge.  If it turns out that they charge extra for the banner - at least we tried!  In any case - trade associations have other great marketing vehicles.  For more ideas, click on the "Alternatives" tab.