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  • SPEED (Instant website updates from your neighborhood to Perth, Australia)
  • LOW COST (No printing & paper & stamps - just a very small monthly service)
  • EFFICIENCY (The simplest, fastest way to interact with your visitors/clients)
  • FLEXIBLE TARGETING (wide or narrow, general or special interest)
  • UPGRADEABILITY (start with basic options / upgrade later)
  • VERSATILITY (conduct business and promote business on the same medium)
  • LOW MAINTENANCE (you need personnel only when you start making money)
  • GREAT IMAGE (basic websites still look great / no expensive color printing)
  • CREDIBILITY (easy links to resources to back up your statements)
  • BUSINESS RESEARCH (see what your competitors have to offer)
  • ETC., ETC., ETC....
Here's an advantage that needs a brief description:  


You can use a mainstream medium (such a television) to let people know two things.  First: that your website exists at "www.yourcompany.com".  Second: that there's a good reason to visit your website.   This is a neat way to distribute DETAILED information to various niche audiences, without spending a fortune.  It is ideal for local marketing, especially if you want to expand a small business beyond a limited neighborhood.    

A double business radius means a market with four times more people in it.  Triple your radius - and you'll have nine times more people.  But to make people drive from ten miles away, you need to address special ("niche") needs.  Only the Internet can do that at very low cost.  More about this - later, in the "Media Mix" chapter.  

Of course, this method is valid for large businesses too.  Many large businesses already mention websites in their advertising.  Most of them fail, however, to include compelling reasons for potential visitors.   

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