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The general trend is towards making short-term money no matter what.  Most suppliers will say anything to get a signature on a small-print agreement.  

Our approach is different: we can afford to be selective.    

The client's business should look like it can afford a meaningful campaign without taking a major risk - especially since local marketing campaigns are so inexpensive.  We don't want anybody to spend their last dollar on advertising.  If a business is in a crisis, there are other ways to bring in new customers - spending hard work instead of money.      

Also, we try to avoid people who make important decisions suddenly, based only on emotional impulse.  Such decisions are not necessarily wrong.  It's just that we have a different style: we like to plan ahead.  If necessary, we can recommend other producers who thrive on improvisation.            

The client is always the boss - but we work together.  Since we assume that you know your market very well, you always have the last word if we ever disagree on something.  Just be ready to give a serious thought to opposite opinions - especially when they are backed up by research.    

Above all, we look at the management team.  Do they have enough commitment and stamina to see the project through?  If the answer is "Yes", the success is 99% secured - even when the marketing budget is rather small.  With a team of several people who are truly committed and professional, ANY obstacles can be eliminated!   

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