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The product or service being promoted must have a positive value.  The subject should not be just an invented perception.  For example, many long-distance phone services now advertise on TV comparing their prices with a major competitor - when in fact they are owned by that "competitor"!  Insurance companies are also famous for selling false perceptions - so we would normally take a closer look at them.   

Lately there is a trend to use covert persuasion techniques based on the audience's lack of self-respect.  For example, you often see cheap humor or intentional bad taste in TV commercials.  This dirty trick may prove powerful for a short time -  but it is ultimately unproductive, because it offends certain audiences.  We prefer messages that have an optimistic overtone and good taste.     

If you are looking for a company centered on conservative ways of doing business, look no further.  We believe in punctuality and kept promises, and we require the same from our clients.  A trendy look that adopts today's entertainment values should not exclude classic business principles from real life.     

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