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If you give away an audiocassette at your booth, gently suggest to your visitors to put it in their pocket or purse, not in the big literature bag.  "That way you can listen to it on your way home".  Hint: most men keep their car keys in the right coat pocket.

You can't even go to the restroom these days without seeing marketing messages everywhere.  With 2,700 advertisements competing for our attention every day, no wonder that marketing people are getting a bit desperate!   

And yet, 80% of our co-citizens have one thing in common.  They commute!!!  So here we have 60 to 90 minutes in the average person's life where we can get almost undivided attention!!!  For crying out loud - why don't we talk to them while they DRIVE?   

Almost any business can come up with an interesting subject.  You can talk directly about what you have to offer.  Or, if your type of business is not suitable for audio communication, you can find a related topic that's both useful and entertaining.   

To create an audiocassette, the amount of effort roughly equals a business video production.  The logistics are much simpler, but the talent involved is usually more expensive.  A good audio tape can really make a mark on the listener's mind, so it's worth every penny.   

Remember that most people throw away junk mail - including CD-ROM discs that became so common lately.  But rarely, very rarely, you'll see someone throwing away a videotape or an audiocassette without checking it out first.  And since so many people check their mailbox on their way to the car...   It's just amazing that most marketing companies don't pay any attention to audio tapes.    

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