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Each media has its own advantages and pitfalls, and its own low-cost and high-cost options.  Let's compare video with color printing.  

Video.  "A picture is worth 1000 words" - very true.  However, video is not too good for abstract information - such as long descriptions, price lists, product spreadsheets, etc.  On the plus side - it's very affordable to add dazzling graphic effects and to lead your audience with a carefully crafted "linear" communication.  And color is built in - it's not some kind of "advanced option".  VHS copies are a bit expensive (normally between $2-$4, depending on quantity) - but you only need to order fifty at a time.  In very large quantities, VHS copies are about $1 each.  

Printing.  It is the best medium for complex information - but it's also the least impressive medium.  To look legit, any sales literature must be done in high quality color.  That's an expensive option!  True, you get a small cost per copy - but only if you order ten thousand copies to justify the setup cost.  In small quantities, a color brochure costs as much as a videocassette.  What would you prefer: a color brochure or a video tape for the same money?  

The solution may be very simple.  A videotape can take care of all the "fancy" aspects of your presentation: persuasive testimonials, color, graphic effects, and so on.  These are CHEAP* in video, and EXPENSIVE in print.  Then - why not have a very basic black and white brochure, cut to fit inside the VHS jacket?  On that brochure you can show prices, product spreadsheets, or any information that needs frequent updates.  So, by adding a five-cent brochure to your video jacket, you get the best of the two worlds!  

Since you have easy access to any media, always analyze your options.  It doesn't have to be "Video+Paper".  It can be any media combination - "TV+Internet", "TV+Premium Product", "Trade Show+Paper+P/R+Premium Product", and so on.  You can always find a combination of media channels that, used together, will amplify your impact at very low cost.    

There's one powerful option that most companies seem to overlook - so we feel that it needs a brief explanation.  Please click on the red tab that says "Audio".  

* Professional video effects such as moving letters, dazzling backdrops, and impressive fading patterns are built into the graphic programs used by the editor.  Therefore, they are very inexpensive.  There only "effect" that's still very costly is customized animation - so that should be avoided if possible.  The editor can get a computer effect with a push of a button - while a few seconds of customized animation may take days or even weeks to create.  

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